90 Minute Massage

Introductory 90 Minute Massage

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Just when 60-minutes is not enough, our 90-minute massage is perfect for focusing more on problem areas while still allowing for time for a full body treatment. 

Appointments are scheduled for 105 minutes so you can receive a full 90-minute hands-on massage. With the extra time, you’ll have a chance to fill out your intake form, consult with your massage therapist and calmly dress at the end of your session.

Massage therapy sessions include complimentary lavender or peppermint aromatherapy as requested and Biofreeze as needed. Hot towels, which help warm-up the muscles, are also used to promote general relaxation.

All service rooms are equipped with table warmers, sound machines, and soothing spa music to create a relaxing environment.


"I love body massage n have tried some places so far. This place is one of my favorite spot. It's very relaxing n the massager know what they doing. It's not too tough but still very smooth n gives refreshing energy! I'll definitely try again." - Jinju L.