No Commitment Memberships Now Available! Click for details.

No Commitment Membership | 60 Minute Massages

No Commitment Membership | 60 Minute Massages

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No Sign Up Fees
Hassle-free and no fees to sign up. 

Member Pricing For Each Visit
Come in as many times as needed within a month, and always pay the member pricing for each visit. 

Unused Rollover Credits
We get it, life gets in the way! This is why if you miss coming in one month, your service rolls over on to the next.

Free Parking

Members receive free parking for 2 or 4 hours depending on services booked for the day. For details about our parking garage, click here.


Service credits are shareable with a $10 fee 



Members must contact us 15 days prior to the billing date to pause or cancel no commitment memberships.