Prenatal Massage

Introductory 90 Minute Prenatal Massage

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Prenatal massages are beneficial for both the mother and the baby! 

Our prenatal massages consist of specific techniques to reduce pregnancy discomforts and concerns, as well as to enhance the physiological and emotional well-being of both mother and baby. Mothers-to-be are able to comfortably relax in the face-down position without exerting any pressure on the belly or breasts with our special prenatal tables. Another option is side-lying prenatal massages.


"I wish I can give them more stars! I had such a wonderful experience!! I'm 38 weeks and finally started my maternity leave. I was in desperate need of a prenatal massage. The service is wonderful. They were able to get me in same day. The front desk was very courteous. My therapist greeted me politely with a warm smile and showed me into the room.  I was expecting to be lying on my side like other prenatal massages I have experienced in the past. So I was beyond excited to find out they had a table that would accommodate my growing belly and allow me to lie facedown! AMAZING! Being in that position alone made me so happy!" - Kathleen A.

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